Personnel recruitment for upper and mid-level positions

Adi Spector is a human resources management assignment expert, licensed with all relevant authorities.

Deals with focused human resources recruitment and assignment with a focus on upper level positions as well as middle level positions in a variety of fields including: engineering, finances, marketing communications, various management positions and more!

Possesses expertise in tracking down and recruiting personnel for positions with specific and challenging requirements.   

See below the contact details of a satisfied clients:

  • Eduard Kaufman Accounting Firm – 054-3165676. Eduard Kaufman & Associates
  • Micha Moritachki Accountant – 054-4914236 CEO of the Paztechs U.S Tax Consulting Company
  • Mr. Haim Giron, CEO of INFINITY LABS, a subsidiary  of the Matrix Company. Phone: 03-5176663

Our satisfied customers can tell you of the successful recruitments we performed for them after other companies who worked with them failed to deliver.
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